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If you contact us with questions related to this website or our products we will only use the information you send us to answer your questions. Rijk Zwaan uses third parties for some processes, such as the hosting of the website. Rijk Zwaan has taken the organisational and contractual measures necessary to ensure that personal data are processed in accordance with this information. Rijk Zwaan will only store your data for as long as necessary and will only use it to satisfy the services you have requested.


This Rijk Zwaan website sets cookies when you visit it. Cookies are small text files sent by a web page to your computer, tablet, mobile phone or other electronic device. Rijk Zwaan uses cookies to improve the functionality of its website and to monitor its visits. Rijk Zwaan does not use or record this information individually, personally or by device, and this information can not be tracked on a personal or device level.

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Google Analytics (start with _pk and _ga). These cookies have a unique ID to identify the user with the sole purpose of monitoring the visits to the website. This ID cannot be tracked at the individual, personal or device level.

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Date: October 1, 2017