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Bike Party

Mycubies collaborates in a Bike Party

In the 40th edition of the Bike Festival organized by Movistar last Sunday, October 7, 2018 in Madrid.

The Bike Party is a family event, whose objective is to promote the use of the bike as a method of rapid, efficient and sustainable transport. This year, world champion Alejandro Valverde inaugurated the race, in which more than 70,000 people participated, according to the organization’s data.

Mycubies joined this initiative for the first time as a fresh and healthy snack, offering all participants a snack bag of cucumber. Our friendly mascot, “Cubi” the chameleon, encouraged the participants to try the juicy and crunchy cucumber snack.

The circuit passed through the heart of Madrid, Castellana-Recoletos-Prado, open to the peloton from 9 in the morning until 2 pm.

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